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Heal your body and mind, naturally

Openupforlife work with Tantra, yoga and NLP to expand your conscious body and mind of who you really are, to become more of YOU. You will get experience and tools that make you more conscious and present at the moment so you easier let go of the mind and get more access to your sensual body. Learn to be the full version of YOU and learn to live with more pleasure in life.

Frida works with Tantra Therapy as a deep and intimate exploration with yourself. A door opening into your own world of reality. A way to open up for greater consciousness, more pleasure, and opportunities in life. Frida Works with the body and mind in an expansion approach to healing. Releasing fear, blockages, tension, and invasive patterns through; NLP coaching, conscious touch, bodywork and yoni healing. She warmly welcomes you like men or women to explore the whole of you with love and presence in a safe space where you will be held and listened to.


A free flow

"The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order so that a free flow of energy is achieved"


Frida Svensk

Frida is a Tantra Therapeut, educated by The Art Of Love

NLP practitioner, Kundalini and Medical Yoga Instructor. 

She lives with a message to the world

“Open Up For Life”

Accept what is, allow pleasure, take pleasure, serve pleasure and turn into a life with LOVE and ease.

She lives, strives, study and spread her revelations of a life BEYOND fear, judgment, reduction, shame and guilt where we can feel more alive.

Frida has many years of experience in the expansion. She began to explore life beyond the frame, insecurity, invasive patterns, and behaviors through kbt, yoga, tantra, and NLP to find herself behind fears.

When Frida began to travel through tantra and discovered freedom, creativity, and love in herself, she realized that we are so much more than the one we have learned to be and that we can heal and open to what we are and long for in the depths of pleasure. That we can reprogram our body and brain through loving touch.



"Your thoughts affect your feelings, your feelings affect how you act, how you act affect your response from the world and YOU create your reality"


A Tantric session

Tantric session for both men and women

A session includes conscious and loving touch, oil massage, bodywork to release tension and blockages, soft dearmoring, yoni healing, NLP coaching, tantric meditation and wheel of concent.

Every session is unique for each and every one. It starts with your intuition and what you want to work within yourself. Sometimes we just feel a call from inside, that it just feels right without knowing exactly what the intuition is.   

Who is a Tantric session for and what is it good for?

A Tantric session is for every woman and men who feel called in different ways;

curiosity to explore something more in you.

A strong will to search your truth or be your true self.

If you feel tensions in your body, stressed, anxiety, social phobia, shame and guilt about your sexuality, fear, shyness, depression, and trauma.

In a session, you will focus on the feeling in your body, and experience the present moment with touch. You will feel yourself in a deeper level, behind layers. Sometimes an insight can come up that prevent you from feeling self-love when you allow yourself to feel and just be. You will experience more of yourself and with that comes a feeling of self-confidence and power of being, creativity, security and more presence.   

Nature Girl

For women

Sunset Over the Mountains

For couples

Bort med _offerkoftan_ här är JAG! Stark

Self Love Yoga


What do you get through touch?

You feel calm and relaxed in body and mind.

You get more social and curious about other people.

Your courage increases and the fear of the unknown decreases.

Relationships are strengthened and improved.

You get easier to learn and remember new things.

Blood pressure is lowered and the risk of cardiovascular disease decreases.

The immune system is strengthened.

Wounds heal faster.

Pain relieved.

Levels of stress hormones are lowered.

Digestion improves and the body absorbs nutrition better.


11 oktober


I höst händer det! 
Frida och Beda startar en kvinnocirkel för dig som vill dyka djupare in i dig själv, öppna upp för mer njutning och självkärlek. Bejaka din feminina och maskulina kraft. 

Vi kommer att ha härliga samtal, beröring på kroppen, i själen och i knoppen. Genom Yoga, meditationer, andnings-och tantraövningar väcker du ditt medvetande och ditt sanna jag, du kan känna mer lust till livet och kärlek till dig och din kropp.



Yogacentralen i Örebro

Detta är en cirkel för kvinnor att mötas autentiskt och öppet. Den är förlagd under 4 fredagskvällar med 2 veckors mellanrum, och vi avslutar cirkeln en lördag med en ceremoni.

Start; (Wheel of Concent)
Fredag 11 okt, kl 18:00-21:00

Träff 2; (Maskulin & Feminin kraft)
Fredag 25 okt, kl 18:00-21:00

Träff 3; (Expansion)
Fredag 1 nov, kl 18:00-21:00

Träff 4; ( Self Love♡)
Fredag 15 nov, kl 18:00-21:00

(Tantrisk Ceremoni)
Lördag 29 nov, kl 18:00-20:00

Om Beda;
Beda har praktiserat tantra sedan 2012. Hon är kundalini yogalärare och instruktör i medicinsk gravidyoga. Håller medicinsk yogakurser på yogacentralen i örebro. 

Pris: 1500kr


"We are healed from suffering only by experiencing it to the full"

Marcel Proust



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